Friday, 29 March 2019

Preparing Your Hardwood Floors for A New Addition


A lot of parents, especially first timers, instantly go into over protective style for his or her youngster. Even though this isn't always something, there are a number of cases where parents will need to be a bit more careful although extreme steps aren't essential. One of these is using the floors surfaces throughout the home - especially, hardwood floors.

Hardwood flooring are elegant and incredibly durable but may be a bit rough for teenagers as they begin to walk and crawl. The smooth surface can be tough to gain traction for babies, in addition to being a more challenging surface when falls occur. However, if your home is currently equipped with hardwoods, then there isn't any reason to fear. Instead of ripping out a solid investment option, consider each of these suggestions to help pave the way for your new child.


In big open spaces such as the dining room or living room, area rugs can serve to deliver a nice plush play area for the child. Rather than having raised amounts of solid wood demonstrating, the carpets can help in the decoration process while allowing for a safe play environment. 

Area rugs also provide a two-way road for parents, homeowners, and infant. Not only do they serve to help protect the child but they also benefit the parents by protecting the hardwood flooring once the kid is old enough to perform with. 


Another option for parents to think about are foam squares which interlock to form a mat and can be
used easily throughout your home. All these interlocking squares for kids and babies are soft, durable, and help to create a safe play area for little ones. They are also readily put down and eliminated, making them perfect for quickly creating a safe play area in almost any area of the home. 

Quickly and efficiently applied in addition to the present hardwood flooring, these interlocking squares come in an assortment of different shapes and sizes. Any parent ought to be able to find what they need to get a nursery, family room, or any other space in the home. 


Carpet runners placed in high traffic places not only serve to protect your hardwood flooring but they can also make fine"runways" for baby once he or she's mobile. Whether crawling or walking, these lengthy, plush pieces will help remove any bruising which could occur from always moving about on hardwood surfaces. 

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Friday, 30 November 2018


At Floor Sanding Walthamstow we supply wood flooring from top names like Kahrs. This particular manufacturer is famous for its patented engineered construction, with each piece made up of several layers.

Within this article we'll be considering reasons why multi-layer construction is believed to last longer than solid wood flooring.

A higher degree of stability

This is true even when ambient temperatures and humidity fluctuate according to the different seasons. The reflective layers counteract the wood's natural movements and by changing the direction of the fibres across the layers, so the flooring will not be as vulnerable to humidity levels in the indoor environment and will therefore offer more in terms of durability.

Engineered flooring Benefits

Engineered floors from Kahrs are even more environmentally-friendly than solid wood floors as quick-growing species of wood are used as the foundation material, with less of their valuable hardwood surface layer required in its construction.

The parquet technology has been patented by Kahrs more than 70 years ago today, with this invention forming part of all the flooring layouts produced by this brand. They've managed to apply various features and coating thicknesses to their product ranges using flooring to suit an assortment of applications.

Easy to sand

Hardwood is only utilized to the joint, over the timber, meaning it can be renovated in precisely the exact same way you would go about trimming a good flooring.

Optimum climate stability

It's widely called wood is a natural substance, when it is used in the construction of a ground, you can expect it to be influenced by climatic fluctuations. However, with all these Kahrs products, you will find this is minimised since there's the correct balance between the three layers (rear, core and top) and so the flooring will remain stable whatever the season.